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MightyKool 12-Volt Portable Cooling Devices

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One Cooling Filter available for $12 -
- Limited because of shipping limitations. Four more may be ordered later for $12 each. The K2 contains one Smart Cooling Filter, which is normally changed around 300 + - hours of use for the freshest coolest air. Some only change from 400 to 500 hours of use.

Air Intake Housing - $59 -
- The Air Intake Housing is Factory installed so the Hose is easy to use or not use. The 4" Hose is 7' long and brings in hot fresh air directly into the K2 for cooler air.

Flex Hose Kit - $59 -
- Which is needed when driving a vehicle with no A/C as no 12-volt cooling system in the World will cool a vehicle. This kit contains 2 Hoses (2 1/2" inch diameter X 7' feet long) to help cool the driver & passenger and is also used when you have 2 Pets in separate crates.

AC/DC Converter -- $19-
- Allows the 12-volt K2 to plug into 110/120-volt house power. Use in a bedroom, office, or workstation plus in the winter use to humidify dry areas.
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Please indicate your need(s) for 12-Volt cooling: Used mainly for Sleeping, Camping, Pets, etc. or For Driving a vehicle that does not have Air Conditioning.

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Return Policy:
Operate the Cooler according to the Instructions WITHIN TEN (10) days of receiving it. If you find a 12-volt system is not satisfactory contact us before ten days and we will authorize a return. No phone calls for return authorization, therefore email us at: info@mightykool.com with questions or comments. Follow the return authorization instructions so that we receive the return before 30 days is up. We will refund your purchase price less $37, for partial S/H costs as long as all options are returned & the outside case is clean and good as new. No returns will be allowed after 30 days of receipt. If the order is received without authorization there will not be any credit issued. Thank you again as you will enjoy the relief from the heat the cooler will provide this year and for many years to come.

Limited Two-year Warrantee:
S & S Manufacturing warrants, for two years from the date of the purchase, any MightyKool that does not perform satisfactorily due to defects caused by faulty material or workmanship, excluding the Smart Cooling Filters. Our obligation assumed under this warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of parts, without charge, which are defective and which have not been misused, carelessly handled, or defaced by repairs made or attempted by others. Consequential Damages due to this product are not covered. This warranty gives you specific legal rights. You may also have other rights, which vary State to State. The complete product must be returned, transportation prepaid, to S&S Mfg. Phone 480-897-1233 for the address of you're nearest warrantee service or on the Internet at www.swampy.net

MightyKool 12-Volt Cooling Systems are Proudly made in the USA

Have questions or comments contact us at info@mightykool.com or 480-897-1233

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